Balcones Pain Consultants Partners with Community First

It has been said that one of the biggest causes of chronic homelessness is the dissolution of the family unit. Devastating financial circumstances, divorce, incarceration, disability from mental health disease – including substance abuse and even untreated chronic pain can be named as precipitating causes of this destruction. Community First is an organization committed to restoring community in those affected by chronic homelessness.


Through the provision of various types of homes in a safe far east Austin neighborhood, Community First has also been a national example of restoring hope and dignity through gardening, work opportunities and a variety of activities that foster hope. Hope that in many instances has long been forgotten.

Balcones Pain Consultants is committed to restoring lives caught in the grip of chronic pain and addiction. Factors that can lead to chronic homelessness. Dr. McCarty, Dr. Lowry and the Balcones Pain Consultants Team built a house at Community First in the past. In 2021, we raised $27,801 and matched $15,000 to provide multiple homes to those in need. We look forward to our plans in the future!